Noreen S.
I had a great time at Foundation Studios. There are many diverse artists in the building and the people are friendly and helpful. Many galleries in Asheville are less modern. The contemporary work is truly inspiring. A great way to spend the afternoon.
Luna Clark
Exquisite art collections, prints, and studio rooms!
Annie M.
Asheville is full of really cool art galleries and this is one of the best. Foundation studios is a fairly new art gallery/studio and is located in the newly blossoming foundation area near 12 Bones and the Wedge Foundation. They call themselves a 'community art center' and it definitely has a community vibe. The one time I visited was a weekday midday and so I was the only patron but it still felt welcoming and inviting and I felt totally comfortable wandering in and out of the art studios. The space is a large warehouse-type space with common areas as large hallways and a gathering center (with coffee) and then the space is broke up with a bunch of different studios. The studios are open and guests are welcome to wander in, watch the artist at work (if they're there) and look at the artwork. Most all of the work in the studio is for sale. They also have monthly gallery exhibits and other events. The art here is really gorgeous. I highly recommend getting in here soon.
Justin Vendetta
great studio space and gallery!!
Zen Sutherland
Clean, open beautiful space with diverse art and classes. Candy for the eye!